Aina Coffee

Maui Grown & Roasted

Our Roasts

At O’o Farm we grow and roast 100% Maui coffee to serve to our guests.  Unlike other coffee blends, Aina Gourmet Coffee is a single origin coffee offering unique characteristics derived from the land and offering Aloha in every cup. In 2009, partners Stephan Bel-Robert and Louis Coulombe opened Aina Gourmet Market, a local foods marketplace with a full coffee bar, serving it’s own brand of Aina Gourmet Coffee located in the lobby of Honua Kai Resort and Spa.  

Why is Maui Coffee so Good?

It takes just the right weather and soil to create ideal growing conditions. Hawaii is the only U.S. State that achieves the perfect combination of these elements for growing this finicky crop.  Many people look for Kona Coffee when they come to the Hawaiian Islands.  Now Maui is making Hawaiian Coffee in prime conditions that are available in many different styles. Click here to buy coffee online.