Amazing Farm Photos and Coffee Roasting Video from Renee Blogett.

As a travel blogger and writer, Renee remarkably captures the beauty of experience through her words and photography which you can find on this travel blog: We Blog the World. Recently, we had the pleasure of taking Renee Blodgett on a tour of our upcountry Maui farm.

Enjoy a selection of some of the photos and videos that she took during her visit to Maui. 

This is a photo Renee took of the coffee cherries from our farm. Beautiful!

Care for some farm fresh veggies just picked from the Garden?

How about some Kula strawberries and some chocolate sweetened with agave nectar, yum!

She even took a few videos for us too!

In this first video, listen to Ancil share the traditional Hawaiian story of this native plant that we planted for Earth Day 2012 with – ” Ohia and Lehua”

Can you smell the coffee roasting? Watch this video by Renee Blodgett from We Blog the World and see how Maui coffee is roasted on our farm.  When you visit us, you can see the coffee plants in the garden to roasting coffee beans and later enjoying the coffee.

Thank you for sharing this experience with us. We hope you come back again soon!

And to all the readers, we how you visit our farm to see it for yourself!


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