From Seed to Cup: A Unique Coffee Tour


There are very few places where one can sip a cup of coffee from its point of true origin, mere steps from where it has been grown, roasted, and brewed. Oʻo Farm is such a place, and you can do so in true style! If you love coffee, are interested in its culture and origin, […]

The Culinary Wonder of Canoe Plants


This yearʻs Huliau Film and Food Fundraiser was held at the lovely venue of Ocean Vodka in lower Kula last Saturday. Farmers, filmmakers, and supporters of local agriculture gathered to support Mauiʻs youth and enjoy a gourmet meal of locally produced, farm fresh foods inspired by canoe plants or early Polynesians crops.    Oʻo Farm […]

Flower Power!

flowers in a box

This morning at Oʻo Farm we were busy gathering colorful and delicious edible flowers that will be featured in a gourmet meal cooked by Chef JJ Johnson at the Huliau Food and Film Festival tomorrow night. Is it not amazing that we can actually eat such beauty? Learn more about tomorrow nightʻs event here. We […]

The Huliau Food and Film Festival is happening this Saturday!


As we farm, we cultivate past, present, and future. We are farming the same soil our ancestors farmed and using the same water that has cycled through the Earth for millennia. When we contemplate the future for our youth, we might draw on ancestral lessons from the past. The Huliau Film and Food Festival is […]

Harvest Day at Oʻo Farm!

colorful carrots

  My hands are bathed in scents of lemon verbena, my arms covered in the frothy spittle of rosemary, and I am pulling colorful carrots from the soil like sweet offerings. It is harvest day at O’o Farm, a moment of magic on the slopes of Haleakalā, where mists are woven with the essence of Waipoli […]

Freshly Farmed Fun: A New Summer Program at O’o Farm!

green beans smile

Children are innately connected to nature. Here at O’o Farm we are always seeking playful ways to nurture the natural.  This summer, we are launching a new and exciting education program that connects children to the origin of food in an engaging and creative hands-on adventure.  Farmers in training learn all about soil, composting, planting […]

Have you heard about Oprah’s Farm?

Fullscreen capture 3252012 112832 PM.bmp

Oprah’s Organic farm on Maui was announced to the readers of her June issue.  Oprah’s farm is located in upcountry Kula somewhere near us, but we don’t know where.  If your are driving around upcountry towards the Lavender Farm, you may see our sign that says O’o farm. We’re not open to the public yet […]

Amazing Farm Photos and Coffee Roasting Video from Renee Blogett.


As a travel blogger and writer, Renee remarkably captures the beauty of experience through her words and photography which you can find on this travel blog: We Blog the World. Recently, we had the pleasure of taking Renee Blodgett on a tour of our upcountry Maui farm. Enjoy a selection of some of the photos […]

Maui Tomato Bowl Recipe


Made a healthy lunch at the restaurant in Lahaina that I’d love to share with you. Using fresh local produce will make this recipe tasty. Maui Tomato Bowl Recipe 1 cup of Jasmine rice 1 Tomato cubed 1/5 cup of sliced Maui onions 1 finely chopped garlic clove a dash fish sauce a drizzle of […]

Moose Meatball Pasta


Meatballs: 1 pound of moose meat from Alaska breadcrumbs sun dried tomato pesto sea salt & ground pepper Sauce:  5 Tomatoes (or 1 can of tomatoes) Lots of garlic 1 large onion 1/2 cup of white wine 5 drops of chili oil Fresh Italian oregano for garish 1 pound of Parpardelle Pasta or wide ribbons Mix […]